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About Brisbane Dreadlocks

Brisbane Dreadlocks is run by Stephanie, a professional loctician with over 17 years experience. She creates, maintains, repairs and styles dreadlocks across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

She work with all hair types.

She doesn’t use glue, perm or beeswax.

Underneath dread extensions

Starting dreads with crochet

starting dreads brisbane Australia

Retwist and style

Retwist and braids


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Brisbane Dreadlocks contact info:
Phone: 0424 668 005
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-7pm
Locations: Newstead, Brisbane

Brisbane Dreadlocks Pricing

  • Dreadlock Maintenance fr $225
  • Dreadlock Reconstruction from $270
  • Dreadlock Creation from $450

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Booking your appointment

Please book your appointments online. A deposit is required to secure your booking and will deducted from the total amount at the end of your service.

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Brisbane Dreadlocks Maintenance

I offer afro hair and straight hair maintenance. I will be retightening the re-growth.

Maintenance – Full Head (2.5h) $225
Reconstruction* from $270

* Reconstruction is for dreads that haven’t had a maintenance for over 3 months or needs the length tidy up.

Dread maintenance long hair Brisbane

Dread maintenance long hair Brisbane

Click here to learn more about the dreadlock maintenance.

Starting new dreadlocks in Brisbane

Your hair will be crocheted using a crochet hook. No chemical, glue or wax will be used.

To start new dreadlocks takes on average 5 to 12 hours depending on the length, the desired size of your dreads and if you are adding extensions.

All your hair should be at least 15cm long in order to start dreadlocks.

Starting dreadlocks prices

The prices below are dreadlock creation with your own hair:

Starting dreads half-head (“man bun”, Mohawk, top knot) $450
Starting dreads above shoulders $585
Starting dreads below shoulders $810

Dreadlocks Brisbane

afro hair black dreadlocks Brisbane
afro hair dreadlocks Brisbane black

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Brisbane Dreadlocks contact info:
Phone: 0424 668 005
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-7pm
Locations: Newstead.

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